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Sharing Thanks From ArtHeart

By: Sara Jordan
Oct 5, 2015

We were so happy to receive this letter of thanks from Judy Fournier, Executive Director of ArtHeart Community Art Centre, that we wanted to share it with all of you. Thank you for helping us help others!

The generous donation from the Jordan Family Foundation has had a tremendous impact on the lives of over 337 children and youth that use our visual arts programming.

With the inclusion of these funds and with monies from other funders, ArtHeart was able to provide over 240 scheduled Children’s and Youths’ Arts workshops throughout the year. Over 337 children and youth attended the program after school from 3:30-5 pm and throughout the summer months during a summer camp. On average we had 25-35 participants in attendance at each workshop with over 3,566 visits throughout the year. All of these workshops were provided free-of-charge.


The Children’s and Youths’ Arts Program offered an array of opportunities in visual arts mediums – i.e. painting, drawing, photography, media arts and much more. As ArtHeart partnered with other organizations, the children and youth also took part in different artistic disciplines such as music, theatre and dance.

Through the year, the children held their annual art exhibit at the Jet Fuel Coffee Shop, their window display on the second floor of the Daniels Spectrum, an exhibit that is changed quarterly on the wall outside of our studio and two large art installations were featured at “ArtHeart Celebrates ~ NIAGARA – A Pan-American Story” that were a huge hit with all ages.


The children and youth attended several cultural and recreational field trips through the year. Trips to the Art Gallery of Ontario are on-going, the Royal Ontario Museum, Kew Beach, several visits took place to Riverdale Farm for outdoor activities and sketching trips which heightened the children’s exposure to visual arts. ArtHeart has taken part in Under the Stars, the Artscape Summer Series – ArtHeart Celebrates ~ NIAGARA – A Pan-American Story, Sunday in the Park and the Spectrum Collective Summer Arts Lab that is done collaboratively with the other tenants in the building.

The computer lab is a very popular resource at ArtHeart. The participants gained the knowledge from the professional instructors and peer support given by others. Through this instruction they acquired the use of blog and website design, movie editing, digital camera use, graphic arts, animation, and maintenance and repair of computers. The digital arts lab is incorporated into our regular Children’s and Youths’ Arts Program daily, during our March Break Camp and during our Summer Arts Camp.

The funding received from the Jordan Family Foundation was in addition to the vegetables, meat, fruit, packaged foods and bread donations received from the Daily Bread Food Bank, Second Harvest and Ace Bakery to enable ArtHeart to prepare and serve nutritious and healthy snacks and refreshments.


Renewing old and increasing new community partnerships enhanced ArtHeart’s programming and opportunities for participants and the community.

The Jordan Family Foundation’s support also made it possible for us to serve over 7,812 nutritious snacks through the year to the participating children and youth of Regent Park who really rely on them.

Thank you again for your support, we could not have achieved so much without your help!


Judy Fournier, Executive Director
ArtHeart Community Art Centre