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We provide financial support to Canadian organizations that inspire and empower disadvantaged youth and people with developmental disabilities or mental illnesses, through arts-based education, after school programs and summer camps. It is our belief that these types of experiences can be life-changing, offering the promise of improved quality-of-life and education to underprivileged members of communities across Canada. These are the organizations that we currently support.

Sistema Toronto

Sistema Toronto’s mission is to provide free music lessons to inspire children at risk to realize their full potential.

Camp He Ho Ha

Camp Health, Hope & Happiness makes camping an amazing experience for youth and adults with disabilities.


ArtHeart provides free community visual arts education for children, adults and families in the Regent Park community.

Momentum Choir Niagara

Building a wonderful sense of community through choral performance opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities.

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Life can sometimes be a very rocky road. Caring teachers and mentors, and involvement in the arts made a huge impact on our lives. The Foundation is our way of giving back.



Kids and Cameras

Congratulations to ArtHeart Community Art Centre in Regent Park which has been chosen by

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About us

The Jordan Family Foundation was started by Sara Jordan and her two children, Benjamin and Jessica Jordan-Brough, with the hope of making opportunities available for young people that they might not otherwise have due to financial restraints. We believe that self-expression developed through the arts and attendance at summer camps, under the guidance and mentorship of caring adults, can instill children with enough confidence and self-esteem to meet life’s challenges.